Apr2016 14
Dec2015 11
Have you ever used Maven in combination with FileNet development? Then you also are aware that adding the FileNet JARs to your local or remote repository is quite some work. The best thing that could happen is that IBM would offer the JARs on the IBM Maven Repository. Unfortunately, it is not there (yet). So I am urging IBM ECM to get there act together and provide us with a repository. The nice colleagues from WAS know how to do it, looking at the link below: [..]
Nov2015 27
In my previous post I briefly touched upon the Reinit button and what it does. Now I will show you what I have done with this information. Basically, we ran into a problem where our deployment process showed us so many manual tasks that we got sick of it. IBM did not give us any clues as to improving this process, so we decided to go ahead and be on the frontlines.  [..]
Nov2015 25
Lately I have been busy with IBM Case Manager deployments. They can be a pain in the *** when it comes to incremental deployments. There are many manual tasks to perform and the deployment process for an ICM Solution is too fragile. I have been digging in the code behind the feared "Rest Test Environment" button and found some gems there. [..]
Oct2014 28
Welcome back! As you are aware from my two previous posts we now have setup a workflow for testing purposes (part 1) and launched ├índ verified the workflow step from a TestNG (part 2). [..]
Oct2014 28
Hope you have been reading part 1of this series, where I explain my motivation of this series and the workflow I will be testing. Next up is the setup of my TestCase [..]