Hello World! This is me, Patrick. Currently I live in Enschede, Netherlands with my girlfriend Marloes.

As a you kid I was playing around with the C64 and learning my first bits of BASIC. During highschool I got introduced to something called, 'the internet', which gave my parents large phone bills. Thank you CS for that! So my next step was to dig into this thing HTML, CSS and Javascipt around 1996 / 1997.

After highschool I started studying for my Bachelor of Science in Enschede and got learned more about software engineering and things like Artificial Intelligence and Functional Programming.

After a short time at an internet company, I got introduced in ECM and BPM. Working on different product suites is really good to have a basic understanding of the principles. Global360, IBM's FileNet, Alfresco, OpenText LiveLink  and Cordys BOP are some of the products which have shaped my views on these subjects. We are living in a changing world and ECM/BPM is a great, changing environment to be in.

Besides this I used to play guitar in a band called It Lives (watch the long hair), and still practice occassionally in my guitar room. Next to playing guitar, in the past I have been on the road with some great metal bands, like Goddess of Desire, Gorerotted, God Dethroned, Mother Misery or Entombed! Occassionally I help out some friends with their festival Eindhoven Metal Meeting.

Also, a huge follower of the local pride, FC Twente. If you want to, contact me for a round of FIFA, Call of Duty or Guitar Hero on XBOX Live.